The Modern Way to Share Videos in Remote Meetings

Sync empowers users to share and watch videos in online meetings with confidence.

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Sync has changed the way these teams work:

Sync makes other software better

Sharing video over screen share is normally of poor quality and difficult for participants to be in sync. Sync deals with this problem enabling high quality footage and participants to watch together with confidence.

How it works

Upload Files

Upload the video Files into the Sync Platform

Connect on a Call

Choose your video platform of choice be it Zoom, Teams or any other.

Watch with Confidence

Share the Sync meeting link or PIN with participants and watch the videos together with confidence through your browser.

You're in great company.

We have finished our two meetings with the Head Coaches and it was really successful. Thanks for developing such a great product.
8by8 had an excellent system that was very close to what we wanted. What 8by8 have done subsequently is work with us, within very tight deadlines, to tailor the system to meet our exact needs. “An excellent product with the customer service from the company behind it to back it up.”

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